The Serper Method™ Workbook 1A - Spiralbound

Brain Enhancement Services, Inc. (BES) has developed the Serper Method™ Workbook with exercises for persons who are feeling the affects of age-related cognitive challenges, early stage Alzheimer's disease, and traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Serper Method™ exercises help to "stoke and fire" the brain contributing to an individual's ability:
  • To perform ADL's more independently
  • To live in their home for a longer period of time
  • To refresh self-confidence
  • To increase social skills
  • To improve memory
The exercises tap into subjects learned in the past with the goal of stimulating recall of information and more cognizant thinking. By contributing to the creation of a stimulating and enriched environment, the exercises can help to strengthen and enhance brain-neuron functions.

As with physical fitness programs, a regular regimen of short mental exercises is the foundation of the Serper Method™ Workbook. Each workbook contains exercises for 2 sessions per week for 12 weeks, easy to understand directions, inspirational and meaningful stories with Serper Method™ reading comprehension and problem solving exercises, Serper Method™ history matching exercises, Serper Method™ geography memory exercises and solution pages to eliminate frustration.

The best therapeutic results are achieved when combined with the socialization and reminiscing that occurs when working on Serper Method™ Workbook exercises with a caregiver or family member. Serper Method™ workbooks with new Serper Method™ exercises are published 4 times per year.

The Serper Method™ Workbook 1A - Spiralbound